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Online Church Consultant

Helping churches navigate the shift to a Hybrid church model of in-person and digital engagement. 

Gone are the days of only having an in-person model of engagement for the church. Today there is a hybrid approach to engaging people that encompasses both in-person and digital lanes that move people further into a growing and mature relationship with God. 

Having a "strategy" is key to being effective in this new hybrid church model and we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your mission, vision, and values and how we can work together to help you position your church better to make disciples in digital spaces. 

Some of the Services we Offer :

Online Streaming (5 to 10 hours): 
We can walk you through the necessary equipment and systems you will need to have an effective online worship experience.
If you are already streaming online we can evaluate your current systems and help troubleshoot; 
1. Any existing problems
2. Training on Streaming Hardware and Software
3. Purchase and installation of equipment
Facebook Live (5 hours):
We can help walk you through how to Live Stream to Facebook whether going live instantly or scheduling a live stream.
Manage content in Facebook Content Creator
Setting up Hosts for your live streams
Accepting donations on your live stream post
Facebook analytics - "what to know"
Facebook Groups (2 to 3 hours) :
This is a great space to allow the online community to take place within your church and is another great outlet for communication from church leadership
We can help you set up a group or groups within your church or ministry Facebook page.
YouTube Channel (5 to 10 hours):
Having a YouTube channel is key to helping expand the reach of your content for years to come. 
I can help you set up and launch a YouTube channel for your church or ministry.
Create graphics, set up links, playlists, channel descriptions, and information, and add a custom URL
Setup and training you for live streaming to your YouTube channel
Training on how to use YouTube Studio for managing content
YouTube analytics - what to know
Channels I manage:
Podcast (5 to 10 hours):
Setting up and launching a Podcast for your church or ministry
Picking a podcast host platform
Setting up podcast information and graphics
Upload and manage content
Record and edit audio to add welcome and outro segments
Mix audio to necessary levels for podcast platforms
Video capture and editing:
Capture on location or in the studio and post edit 
Video messages (5 - 8 hour capture, 5 to 8-hour grade & edit)
Video hosting (2 - 3 hours)
Series roll-in (20 hours)
Promotional and marketing content (10 - 20 hours)
Digital worship music capture (30 - 40 hours)
Graphic design: 
Message series branding (20 hours)
Ministry branding (10 to 20 hours)

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