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Create a Vibrant Innovative Worship Experience

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Innovating the Worship Experience 

In today’s everchanging environment, visual technology is the leading way to engage congregations. Our team is currently working with churches around the country and integrating church LED displays into their worship, concerts and holiday events as a tool to communicate messages, news and worship.

As churches continue to see growth, LED has become the absolute best solution to spread your message both internally and externally. These screens have rapidly become the most effective way for churches to communicate to their congregation. Let’s face it, social media and live streaming is not going away. Take your church to the leading edge of worship and praise.

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Fresh Visuals That Save You Money

The adaptable nature of LED display panels allows your church production team to easily rearrange and program your displays to freshen up the look of your stage. With LED displays, keeping the look and feel of your church’s stage design fresh has never been easier or more effective. The flexibility of LED displays in church allows you to arrange your visuals in a variety of ways; you can position your displays side by side to create a large, seamless display or you can scatter your displays across the stage to add depth and dimension that could never be achieved with projection or other monitors. Additionally, LED is far brighter and requires about half the power of other display products, resulting in savings in your church’s utility expenses.

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Our team has over 20 years in this industry and is ready to help pair your ministry with the perfect display that will fit your vision and budget. Right now, due to Covid-19 we are running church specials to help spread the Gospel.


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